Casablanca (1 6) Movie CLIP - Secret Sentimentalist (1942) HD01:46

Casablanca (1 6) Movie CLIP - Secret Sentimentalist (1942) HD


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Casablanca - "Booze Movie"Edit

Casablanca functions as the connecting point from Europe to America in the middle of WWII. It resembles the Hollywood lifestyle which is one reason why it quaifies as a"booze movie". This Hollywood lifestyle provides a cover for what the real world looks like outside Rick's Cafe. The cafe is happy, vibrant, has music, gambling, and alcohol aplenty. Outside the cafe, the world is broken, full of death, the exact opposite of Rick's. Or is it? The people who go to Rick's are the same broken people. Maybe thats why they need the booze.

In fact, from Rick's point of view his bar gathers the worst of the worst. There are murderers, corrupt military officers, and the dirty thief Ugarte. But who is Rick to judge. Can he be considered any better than the others? He seems to the viewer just as desperate and stranded as everyone else who travels through his bar. We learn later that he actually has a good heart. He says in one scene that he isn't hear for the water. This seems like an implication that he drinks, yet we never see him drink with any costumers. That is until he sees the love his life, Ilsa Lund, enter the cafe. She saves him from his empty life and he ends up being the hero when he helps her and her husband with their involvment with the French Resistence.

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