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The Dark Knight Final Joker Scene

Dark night

The Joker lives a lifestyle of terror and destruction that alters the lives of the citizens of [Gotham][1]. Gotham's citizens live in fear awaiting the next evil act that the Joker will commit and anxiously long for him to be brought to justice. The Joker's acts represent similar lifestyles of modern day terrorist as both strive to corrupt the government, blow up buildings, put fear into people's hearts, and will take the lives of innocent people to make their point.

The [Joker][2] and terrorist commit their horrific acts for a different cause. The Joker would steal, kill, and attempt to destroy the city and corrupt the people almost as a sport. He was trying to prove to the city of Gotham that in a time of terror the true personality of someone will emerge and everyone has an evil side. He accomplished his goal with Harvey as he defied his morals and turned him from being ["Gotham's White Knight"][3] to an evil criminal like himself.

Modern day terrorist unlike the Joker have a plan and purpose to their destruction. When they commit their crimes they try to emphasize and display what they represent to the world. For example, when the [twin towers][4] were [bombed in 2001][5], [al Qaeda][6] sent a message to the USA through their actions telling us to stop interfering and supporting [Israel][7]. When the Joker blew up Rachel he was not attempting to exemplify a certain cause he supported, but killed her for the soul purpose of causing pain among the people specifically towards Harvey. Within both these acts the Joker and al Qaeda targeted their enemy where they know it would hurt. If they were able to cause enough pain and suffering eventually the people would break and submit themselves and conform to the demands of their enemies. They would no longer care for those around them. Hsrvey was willing to kill anyone he got a hold of if he did not get the answers he was looking for about Rachel. He lost sight of what he stood for and only sought to please himself.

Both were proven wrong, America retailed and showed al Qaeda that we will not conform to their demands but fight for what we think is morally correct. The Joker was able to conform one of his target. His goal was to make the whole city as crazy as him but was proven wrong by those who chose not to kill the others on the ferrie.

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