In the movie Rebel Without a Cause directed by Nicolas Ray , we are told a story of a boy who keeps getting thrown into new schools because of his troubled past forced to find friends and enemies in his new town. The movie’s cinematography was done by Ernest Haller who has done other work such as;Gone With the Wind , What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? , and Mildred Pierce . He has won an Academy Award for best Cinematographer for his work in Gone With the Wind .

In Rebel Without a Cause, Haller uses some point of view angles to depict Jim’s viewpoint and personal experiences throughout the film. While filming the director Nicolas Ray said that he loved the style of filming because it makes the camera a character in the movie. This style causes the audience to get attached to the screen because of the action and as well as more attached to the main characters more than they usually would.

A shot that sticks out the mostly to me is the one when Jim has just gotten home after watching one of his new friends die after doing the so called ‘chickie run’ with the crew. Jim then lies on the couch and hangs his head over the edge of the couch. The camera then is flipped upside down giving the audience motion sickness but mainly to say that Jim’s world has quite literally just flip turned upside down because of the events in his life recently.

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