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Casablanca Setting- How did they do it?Edit

A Brief History,  The film Casablanca takes place in Casablanca in French ruled Morocco during World War IIin 1941.  During the time period of the film Casablanca remains an unoccupied city in French North Africa that serves as an exit port city for the wealthier Europeans who are searching exit visas to flee from the war-stricken Europe.

Although the setting of the film appears throughly convincing, the film was actually filmed in Hollywood on a budget of $964,000.  The film was based off of an un-produced play called Everybody Comes to Rick's written by Joan Allison and Murray Burnett and was bought by producer Hal B. Wallis for $20,000, the most expensive un-produced play anyone is Hollywood had ever purchased at the time. 

Casablanca was shot in sequence because the script was ready when filming began but also because Ingrid Bergman was unaware of the films ending and therefore the acting she performed throughout the film produced a pure and honest vision of her heavy conflict and great debate between her future andman she truely loves verses the man whom she truley needs.  This enabled peak acting that was extrmelly well done and honest.

The entirety of Casablanca was shot in a film studio in Hollywood, minus a few brief stock footage views of Paris and the final scene, which was filmed at the Van Nuys Airport .  Casablanca was very well done  production especially given its quaint filming set that was a hand-me-down from a previous film, The Dessert Song .

An interesting observation about Casablanca was the way that almost all of the film was filmed solely in Rick's cafe .  Most films in the current time period seem to be filmed at multiple places, cities, and even countries but Casablanca was filmed mainly in Rick's little bar joint, an interesting way to film something and still captivate the viewers.

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