The Final Project


In lieu of writing a research paper per se, each of you will be adding your own chapter to our Film as Literature Textbook.  The chapter you design, write, research, and create serves as your final exam and counts 25% of your semester average.  Examine each of the components below for specific details.


Your chapter on your film of choice needs to include the following information:

Article on the director:  Address the following questions

How does this film differ from his usual works? 
What challenges did the film present in terms of organization, designing, framing, and creation?
What influences guided the director in shaping this film?  his career?
What trademarks does he utilize in his works?  Why?  How so?
What according to the director is the film about?  What does it communicate to the audience?

Article:  Film Overview

How much did the film cost to make?  How much did it make in the theater?  Did it meet box office expectations?  Explain.
How long did it take to produce, direct, shoot?
What are the film’s taglines?  How appropriate?
What other films does it remind you of?  Why?  How?
Include specific information about actors, quotes, etc.

Article:  Style

Characterize the style of the film?  Explain.
What distinguishes the film from others of its same genre or subject matter?
What specific shots does the director use most?  Why?
What color scheme or patterns can you discern?  What do they mean?
How does the style of the picture reflect the director’s theme or intention or purpose?

Article:  Topic of Choice

Article:  Topic of Choice

Remember, each section needs links, images, clips, and graphics to accentuate your information.  Also, you will include a Works Cited Page at the end of your page that holds at least eight (8) relevant articles of criticism you used to build your page.  Gradesheet used to assess your work is the same rubric we have used for final pages all semester.

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