M Night Shayamalan interview with Rajeev Masand on 'The Village'-1359045045

M Night Shayamalan interview with Rajeev Masand on 'The Village'-1359045045

M. Night Shyamalan conquered the obstacle of being a minority as an American filmmaker and created a movie that allowed the audience to experience the way he feels living in America. [M. Night. Shyamalan][1] was born in a Hindu family in Mahe Pondicherry, India, on August 6, 1970 (IMDb). Shyamalan worked hard to get to America and attended [NYU and was in the Tisch School of the Arts][2], with the help of his friends and family who loaned him money (Agger). [The Village][3] being his 8th film and may have been his most memorable but was not highly praised at first. It fell into the category of a horror film with a misleading plot that would be resolved at the end. The film did not live up to its expectations and was criticized severley for the lack or horror.

For Shyamalan this movie symbolized a representation of how he feels living in America being a minority (10 Questions for M. Night Shyamalan). In The Village, the people are living in isolation from the rest of the world and essentially trapped in a time period they can not break free from. To an extent maybe Shyamalan may feel the same way with his experience living as an Indian American. Not only is he apart of a race that is not very common in America, but he stands as one of the most successful Indian Americans that has ever worked in the film industry.

The start of his career was a representation of how the families in the village felt when ["those we do not speak of"] enter the town (IMDb). The people are helpless and can only wait till the danger passes and do everything they can too avoid the danger. Unlike the rest of the village people, Ivy has the courage and determination to travel through the woods to try to save the love of her life. Shyamalan followed the same actions as Ivy, he stepped out of his comfort zone and was determined to follow his dreams and be successful and was not going to let his nationality hold him back from doing so.


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