M Night Shayamalan interview with Rajeev Masand on 'The Village'

M Night Shayamalan interview with Rajeev Masand on 'The Village'


Failed UtopiaEdit

Through the use of satire, M. Night Shyamalan's  The Village(2004)  acts as an example of how a true utopia may sound good, in theory, but could never function properly in reality. The village in this film is a perfect example of trying to create an Utopian society unaffected by the outside world. The village was run by a council of elders who founded the village years before as they tried to escape from the harsh world they had been living in. They felt like if they could live apart from the world, they could escape from greed and sin which polluted it. Unfortunately, they learned that this was not possible. As hard as they tried to live in peace and raise their children in the right morals, they could not escape sin. Before the truth behind the village was revealed to the viewer, there was always this feeling that something did not feel right with the whole setting. Everyone's lives in the village seemed to be going well and boring but there was always this sense of something unknown that haunted their every step. This haunting is exactly what the Elders wanted to control the villagers (Medea). What Shyamalan was trying to say here was that an Utopia can never be fully achieved. What people think is originated by government and cities actually can come from just one individual person. Sin is part of every human and as hard as they try to prevent it, they can not get rid of it. After the village has been "contaminated" with sin, the elders still decide that they will not stop living the way they are. They understand that their community can not be a perfect Utopia, but they still will try to work for a perfect society.

One strange thing about this community was there was never any mention of religion at all. Based in a time period where the church was the center to any community, this was very odd. Shyamalan could have been trying to show that a community can never be successful without religion. When there is no religion, the people are not conscious of the sin that is corrupting their community and will lead to their downfall. 


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