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Casablanca - Opening

Besides the film "Casablanca " begins produced, there was a lot of major things going on in the world in 1942. The city of Casablanca was officially under French control in the year 1910 but during WWII, all the major world powers were fighting for control of Casablanca. Germany, France, England, and the United States had all seen battle in Casablanca.

Adolf Hitelr became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and formed the totalitarian state of Nazi Germany. They believed in a one true Aryan race that should rule the world and seek world domination. In 1939, France and England declared war on Germany after Germany had not listened to warnings to not invade Poland and World War II was really underway. Germany had officially invaded and taken control of France in 1940 and had occupied all of France. This meant that Germany now had control of French Morocco and more specifically Casablanca. Casablanca served as a major German territory where they could fight England and the United States in North Africa. After France and many other European countries had been occupied by Germany, millions of people were forced to relocate or run away from German reign. Casablanca was a great place for people to run away to because it was a stepping stone for escaping to America. Here there was always a fight for power and this allowed there to be lots of refugees and rebel activity. It was easiest for immigrants to travel to Lisbon Portugal and then easily travel to the United States. At this time, the United States congress allowed 400,000 displaced persons to immigrate to America and be free. All these immigrants traveling to America gave hope to millions that they could one day live in the United States.

In the year 1942, the United States and other Allie countries invaded Northern Africa and the city of Casablanca. The French in Casablanca were under German control and they were forced to fight the invading Allie forces. Luckliy for good, the Allie forces successfully invaded North Africa and continued to defeat the Axis powers in Africa as well as Europe which ultimately lead to the end of the war.

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